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We Provide:

  • Competitive test cost, quality and availability
  • Service including optical and X-ray inspection (AOI and AXI),in-circuit test (ICT) and functional test (FT) development
  • Assembly processes
We combine advanced processes with highly skilled resources. Our innovative techniques extend to sophisticated packaging and assembly technology, including:
  • Tin-lead and lead-free SMT and Wave
  • BGA assembly
  • Double-sided/single reflow processing
  • Fine pitch, high pin count, press fit connectors
  • Plated through hole (PTH) and mixed technology
  • Clean and no clean processes of PCBA
We provide services for both turnkey and consignment projects. Our services include Printed Circuit Board Assembly (“PCBA”), Box-Build Assembly and Printer Assembly. Our principal activities can be grouped mainly into 3 business group:
1. Printed Circuit Board Assembly (“PCB Assembly”)
The range of products under this principal activity includes industrial interface PCBA, printer IF interface, consumer product PCBA all kind of thump print PCBA, flexible circuit assembly.
2. Box-Build Assembly
The range of products include remote control system and complete set of printer assembly, Full box build capability to handle turn key project from electronic component to material sourcing to final packaging and logistical distribution.
3. Other Services
The range of other service includes product sub-assembly, we provide one shop service with flexibility in delivery with all source of order “low quantity to high volume, high quantity low volume” even to the extend of short lead time and spot order. 

Thermal Printer Assembly

Head Welding Dept   Fine Head Dept
Thermal Printer Assembly   Thermal Printer Dept
Printing Inspection Process   Appearance Inspection Process
QA1 Inspection  Process   Packing Process
QA2 Inspection Process    

SMT Process Flow

Screen Printer   Solder paste inspection
Flexible Mounter    AOI Machine
Reflow Oven    

Manual Insert / Wave Soldering Process Flow

Manual Insert    Spray Fluxer
Wave soldering machine   Manual Soldering
ICT Tester   Function Tester
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