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About Us

K.E Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. Was first incorporated on 18th January 1993, with its first factory commencing operation on 1st June 1993. With its driving motto of becoming Malaysia's top Assembly Company, K.E Manufacturing was quick to take the Assembly Industry by storm, thriving ever so close to its aim.
Success doesn't come overnight, only through careful nurturing of every aspect of operation, communication can one achieve the aim of reaching its holy grail, and K.E Manufacturing is certainly keeping up its pace of closing down its distance towards its goal. Quality is what distinguishes K.E Manufacturing to other competitors, such to the extend that, it has eventually grown to become a strategic resource to satisfy even the strictest of customers.
Regardless of the growing competition, K.E Manufacturing is focused only on continuously improving and implementing of process innovation, aimed to exceed customers' satisfaction by producing values to their work. Because it is what K.E Manufacturing believes, that the quality of work, and customer satisfaction is what made them who they are today. A modest approach, coupled with ambitious mentality, will no doubt lift K.E Manufacturing to another higher level.

Quality Policy

Continually improvement and implement process innovation
Exceed our customer satisfaction
Build quality into our work
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